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Private investors

Private investors

Yatırımcılara Özel

For international campaigns and individual investors, we are opening a new page for the investors who want to invest both in Trabzon and around Trabzon city.

As our region is becoming the centre of attraction and as is leading tourism destination, every year more than one million tourists visit our region. Therefore, we are calling for intelligent, honest and transparent investors.

Our organization has been a new one promoting and marketing our regionand on the regional tourism industry scene. There is a lot to say about tourism potential of our black sea region.

Over the last few years in Trabzon and its around cities, there have been many many hotels, houses, apartments, villas and buildings under instruction.

Another investment sector is that you can be a bridge in the construction of new tourism offices, in the textile industry and in medical tourism. In these areas, we can set up partnership together, share your knowledge with us and we will help you.

Dear investors, as your services are active and as you have trustworthy ways, you can set out with us. Reliability, honesty, staibility and authenticity are our mottoes.

Please contact us for work together.