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Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Baby

In vitro fertilisation is a process by which an eg is fertilised by sperm outside the body by removing egg from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a fluid medium in a laboratory.

The first successful birth occurred in England in 1978 and since this date it was used not only in women those women with irreparably damaged tubes but also in a lot of infertility reasons (irreparably damaged tubes, endometriosis; immunological problems; unexplained infertility and male factor infertility, oligospermia, major cervical mucus hostility factors and certain cases of unexplained infertility).

In first years, 1-2 eggs that is formed naturally was collected laparoscopically but then with the use of medicines alerting fertilization, it becomes possible to take 8-9 eggs from woman and this increases the success rate of the process.

  • Test-Tube Baby Types
  • Classical Test-Tube Baby (IVF)
  • Test-Tube Baby without Medicine (IVM)
  • Test-Tube Baby with Microinjection (ICSI)