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Coorporate Club Applications

Coorporate Club Applications

Turkish Corporate Club will provide your company Advantages of the program:

Special discounts when you travel abroad:

Our member companies can benefit from special discounts on flights starting from Turkey abroad.

Business is also available with the discount rate in the third of the Economy and Comfort class fee is determined in line with the annual target company's total flights. Reduced fees the agency that runs the company (the agents) are automatically loaded into the reservation system; The signed contract is not signed introduced. The condition is not sought access to the designated flight revenue targets.

Total travel spending through a "special surprises":

Turkish Corporate Club members through attractive domestic and international flights carried out over the years, our company "special surprises" are given. Annual flight special surprise given according to the rates specified in the contract, provided that the achievement of the goal, award tickets, free upgrade (upgrading the flight class) or additional Turkish Corporate Club Card is available for supply.

Special baggage allowance on your travels from Turkey:

TCC made using the discounted rates offered cemalerden ticketing is an advantage in specified levels depending on the cabin class and the destination is written on the ticket automatically ..