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Rafting Time

Rafting Time
Rafting, "raft" with the name of the boat, a sport that was made on the high flow rate of rivers. Rafting boat you are in the main from tipping over; directing is to shovel out rocks and obstacles.   Rafting is done in 6 to 8 people and teams to be successful is really a "team" needs to be. The whole team needs to finish the quest to overthrow the shelves shaking shovel harmonious with each other.     There are of course various degrees of difficulty rafting. The flow rate of the river, this difficulty is determining factors such as the abundance of rocks. River passes through the bed must pass a variety of natural obstacles. This prevents an influence on the speed and direction intersecting the general flow path of the water, water turbulence creates waves and sudden acceleration in flow. In river sports, this species exhibits white and sparkling images of "Rapid" (Şarlak) is called.   Because it is difficult to provide control of fast-flowing river, according to the flow rate of rivers, ie it is enumerating according to difficulty.   Level 1: It has a very simple discharge. Suitable for small easy transitions. Level 2: Current less; It has a regular flow. There are small rocks and waves, but without any danger, it is suitable for simple transitions. Grade 3: The Moderate. Length fluctuations can occur in this class finds a meter. Visibility is limited. Grade 4: It has a very difficult and big rapids. To predict the decline of the beginning and the end is power. Taming transitions and is a class filled with challenging obstacles. Rank 5: Excessive hard, high flow and currents, dangerous rocks, steep slopes, in succession from the declines are limited transition in progress. Trail is not recommended for amateur rafters. Grade 6: The river poured meters above; It is often full of obstacles. Migration expert class, which is difficult or impossible, even for raftginci.