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TOURS - Kadıralak Besikduzu Turu

Tonya Kadıralak Plateau, Besikduzu Sight Tour

The villages in the region were established above the valleys of the rivers flowing down from the mountains to the sea. The winter period passes by with resting, doing seasonal works and making hand crafts. When the spring comes, in March and April, the fields are spaded and in may the seeds are planted. Families which have mezra (field under cultivation) go to their mezras and spend approximately a month there. Especially the flock is taken to the mezra. From the beginning of June to the end of September the migration to the plateau continues. During the return from the plateau 1 or 2 months are spent in the mezra. Finally when the weather gets too cold, the return to the village begins.

Plateaus are completely desolate in winter. When the snow begins to melt in spring, men go up the plateaus to check the house. They mend the broken parts of the houses and the fences. In the villages the preparations for the plateau begins. Kadiralak Plateau is the closest one to the sea. 

Kadiralak is used by the villagers of Ortamahalle, Yenimahalle, Çamlı and Karaağaçlı as a summer resort. It is covered by spruce forest surrounding the plateau and during the summer they open up coffee houses near the forest.

Since 1996, The Festival of The Flower of Vargit is celebrated in the Kaldıralak Plateau, in the first week of September. Recently another festival called The Tonya Butter Festival also emerged.

  • Tonya Kadıralak Plateau, Besikduzu Sight Tour