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TOURS - Hıdırnebi + Cal Mağarası + Balıklı Göl + Haçkalı Baba + Sera Gölü

Hıdırnebi was established on the hill which is behind the Hıdırnebi Stone. Today, Hıdırnebi Plateau can be reached by a 45minute trip from Trabzon's center and half an hour from Akcaabat's center. Located on the 1450-1500m altitude, it is one of the most important holiday resorts and stopovers of the Black Sea Region. It is asked and preferred with its natural beauty and Yayla Kent facilities that were made in 1998 and have a transmitter on the west. 

Our plateau always has its roads open both in winter and in summer. Transportation with commercial vehicles and tours can be made without a problem. In the place which is called Argalos Lawn, a big country festival known as Hıdırnebi Club is held every year on July 19-20. Not knowing exactly the beginning dates of these festivals, we know that its origin is old. While Hıdırnebi Plateau Festivals are organized by the closest villages to the town, in recent years, Akcaabat District Governorship and Akcaabat Municipality have come forward in the organization. 

Although the festivals are held in July 19-20, its preparations start 10 days earlier. Tents get pitched, the people dance horon day and night with the company of kemencha, drum and shrill pine. They also dance halay, sing ballads and have loads of fun. The people try to get rid of the fatigue of the year that way. 

Locals with their colourful clothes, live up the festivals. Every village attends the festival as the way it is special for them. Festival ends on the evening of July 20. July 20 is called as the “seventh of Orak”.

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