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TOURS - Hıdırnebi + Cal Mağarası + Balıklı Göl + Haçkalı Baba + Sera Gölü

Trabzon Akcaabat çalköy cave is located 30 km from the district of Turkey's largest millions of years, besides being the cave stalactites and stalagmites, water, and is an important tourist area with waterfall. cave 1 km. The long, arranged as a 55 m section in caves and hiking trails have been made to clarify.
With its beauty and greenery not only plenty of rain, thanks to the damp and foggy weather, spring, seasons of the hottest days in the charming beauty and owned by the sights, the Suinn the wildlife in the forest gözetmel, and photo-safari facilities to the visitors.
Plateau haçkal our moral values from a separate floor of the Black Sea region has great saint's tomb teacher father. Duzkoy here every year organized by the Municipality of Haçkal teacher father is held memorial events. Religious tourism is an important place to Gellis position.

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